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Our mission is to help individuals and SMEs to succeed by making their processes run faster, easier and more efficiently, through application of ISO /VSS, and no code document automation.

Quality Centre Ltd is a management consulting firm that provides ISO/VSS certification training, consulting, and auditing. The company also provides  document automation solutions, thereby making processes run faster, easier and more efficiently.

We help our clients across the continent to significantly improve their business processes thus becoming agile and efficient in their operations and thereby fulfilling their ultimate objective of satisfying their customers .

With accumulated 25+ (plus) years’ experience in management systems training, consulting and auditing, our expert’s approach and methodologies have enabled many and varied organizations in both the public and private sectors achieve the certification of their management systems, with minimal effort.

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5th Floor, Bienevenue Delta

University way (CBD)

PO Box 8484-00300 Nairobi, Kenya




T:+254 786 614 600

WhatsApp:+254733 330031


Through the application of ISO and Sustainability standards, and document automation, the company empowers organizations how they conduct their business. Founded in 2005, Quality Centre was established with the desire to empower customers succeed by improving the efficiency of their business processes. More than 15 years later, this vision still lives in the company’s founders. The company’s focus is to continually endeavor to realize this vision.


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