Quality Centre offers training services to employees of organizations in order to equip them with requisite knowledge and skills that empower them to control their management systems with ease.  Our training programmes include:


Top Management Brief

The training is designed for the leadership team and top managers to provide a general understanding of:

  • ISO Standards Overview
  • Process Approach
  • Required efforts
  • Benefits
Timing: 1/2 -1 Full day 

Quality Steering Team


Designed for the the management representative and the quality steering team to provide a general understanding of:

  • ISO Standard requirements

  • Risk assessment

  • Documentation requirements

  • Implementation  approach

Timing: 3-5 Full days 
Internal Auditor Training
  • We combine classroom training and practical auditing techniques designed to enable auditors to successfully audit related processes
  • Our focus is on: ISO Standards’ requirements; effective auditing techniques, audit planning, performance and reporting.


Timing: 2-3 days


Quality Centre helps organizations of all sizes become more efficient by aligning their management systems with related ISO standard.

Our consulting support include:


Management systems documentation
  • Customized to suit your company’s  needs
  • Guidance on management systems documentation including: quality policy manuals, procedures and other supporting documents
  • Manual review to ensure adequacy against related requirements
  • Assist with setting up of Document control system


Timing: Depends on processes complexity/ client’s discretion


Management systems implementation

  • We provide practical guidance and employee training
  • “Hands-on” assistance and support
  • Sharing of “best practices,” lessons learned

Timing: At the client’s discretion

15+ Years Experience

We bring over 15 years Quality Centre’s consultants practical hands-on experience gained from auditing top global blue-chip local and multinationals in manufacturing, oil and gas, transport and logistics, security & risk management, packaging, agriculture, insurance, public administration and higher education.


Quality Centre auditors perform audits to confirm whether clients’ implemented systems result in the intended results. Our consultants are Quality Systems lead auditors and have broad wealth of experience from performing certification audits  with global certification firms in various industry sectors.

Types of audits offered:

Gap Analysis


  • Identifying existing gaps against related ISO standard.
  • Nonconformities and recommendations on improvement.

Timing: 2-4 days, based upon business systems scope/complexity of processes

Internal Auditing

  • Internal audits are planned by our lead auditors as per  ISO standard
  • Reporting of nonconformities and Opportunities for improvement issued

Timing: Depends on systems complexity /number of processes/location etc.

Supplier Audits 

Advisable to get an outside assessment. This is a service for those seeking support for a one time off or annual support with their internal audit program.


 This could be done prior to final certification audit as per ISO standard

Result: Audit report and opportunities for improvement in preparation for final certification audit

Timing: 2-7 days, based upon scope/location/ system complexity

MOBILE AUDIT SOLUTIONS Audits & Inspections Made Easy

Technical audits or on site-inspections to meet compliance or for brand protection are vital for business.

To speed up and improve the output of the same, our innovative mobile auditing software empowers employees to perform the same with ease as opposed to the commonly used manual audits where pen and paper are used.


We are passionate about providing smarter solutions that make auditing as easy & effective as possible.


Key benefits
  • Reduces audit time by at least 40%.
  • Reduces/eliminates paperwork
  • Efficient problem resolution
  • Gives better visibility for both users and management
  • Improves audit quality
  • Offers trending and analysis of data


Build audit|Conduct| Complete Audit 


For easy understanding of the ISO 9001, we have published a concise guide for implementing quality management systems.

Entitled ISO 9000 Secret:Unlocking World Markets, the book covers the entire spectrum from introduction to the standard, planning and preparation, the road map to certification, quality concepts and process approach based on ISO 9001:2008.

The book provides a real-world practical approach for implementing a quality management system.


According to many industry leaders in the private sector and public sector,

The book simplifies the ISO 9001 quality management system concept”.



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