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Auditing & Audit Management Software 

 Hand-held & Web Management Software 

The mobile audit solution is comprised of hand-held (mobile &tablet) auditing software and audit management software.Rather than conduct manual audits where you use pen and paper, you can conduct your technical audits or on-site inspections using your hand-held mobile or tablet device.

The auditing solution is designed to enable collection of inspection data during fieldwork, giving top management and managers critical knowledge and control and reducing risk.


The ‘paperless’ auditing app enables more efficient and productive auditing process covering the entire internal audit and/or on-site inspection process by planning, conducting and follow-up of audit as detailed below:



 Audit Planning Management 

Plan audits and compare against completed audits. You can see the planned/ assigned, completed and overdue audits for each auditor against what type of audit and location.





Performance of audits 

Conduct your audits using smartphone or tablet without internet connection.


First you download Mobile app from App store.

Login and download your audits to your hand-held devices directly from the website.


Complete the audits on your smartphone or tablet. You can then sync with the server.


Audits results are uploaded to the Internet using synchronization option. Following the upload, audit results and corrective action report (CAR) are emailed by the system to the selected  users.



Corrective action & Business Process Analytics

You can review audit findings online in order to address raised corrective action reports (CARs).


All information is held on a database for monitoring progress of CARs resolution and for further analysis such as comparative audit performance across locations.

Top management and other managers can have detailed analysis of audit findings in form of trend analysis, histograms, a breakdown of how audit questions have been answered and an overview of follow-up actions on corrective actions.


Reports are provided in .pdf and .xls format which can be imported into Ms Excel and other data analysis tools.



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